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Devine Gaits Farm is a top riding lesson instructor in the
Cuyahoga, Lorain & Medina, Ohio Horseback Riding Lessons guide on NewHorse.com.

We specialize in

Teaching recreational horsemanship
to beginner through experienced riders of all ages
on our smooth, versatile and naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horses.

Teaching the gaited horse owner
how to establish & maintain the best gait their equine partner has to offer,
be it a running walk, rack or foxtrot,
based on conformation rather than registration,
through humane training without action devices.

We hope you find the rest of the site easy to use and informative.
Please contact us if you have any questions or to schedule a visit.

We look forward to meeting you along your equestrian journey,
until then ....

Happy Trails,

Thea & the horses of Devine Gaits Farm
Huck, Sun, Mojo, Chewy, Flag, Kat, Hannah, Lacy, Smoke, & Demi

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